You probably racked your brains to make sure you did right everything right, the champagne chilling at just the right temperature, the ring perfectly sized for her finger, reservations at her favorite restaurant made well in advance, Elvis Presley playing neatly in the background, and now all that you had to do is to muster the courage and pop the question. She had the biggest smile that you had ever seen on that pretty little face, eyes gleaming with tears that threatened to escape into the world on their own – an evening to remember, an evening that changed your labels for life.

online wedding invitations
Wedding Couple

When you spent so much time looking into every little detail back then, you must ensure you have everything spot on for the wedding day as well. It is a lot more arrangements to look after and a lot more efforts to give in, for pulling off a wedding day both will always look back to. From clothes to venues, ceremonies to reservations, dates to decorations, food to invitations – the whole process of preparations is just too much to tackle single handedly. That’s where you can get to use the technology to your advantage and use portals to send out free online wedding invitations.

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At Inviter, we ensure that your online wedding invitations don’t get lost in the mail and actually reach the people who matter. With your creative skills or maybe even the lack of them, you can just hop on the bandwagon of customizing the whole invitations to your taste and outlook. We have this whole range of templates where you can choose the way you want your guests to know about the wedding and ensure that they get a nice whiff of all your affection. Create a photo gallery or say it with videos. You get to make your decisions on the whole look and feel of the invitations, while we make sure that the RSVPs reach you back nicely sorted.

Wedding Video Invitation

Make your guests feel welcomed by sharing customized messages and a series of poll questions, taking in their opinions on the kind of arrangements you intend to make. While sending the free online wedding invitations, you can even set the whole look as per your wedding’s theme to let your guests deck up accordingly. Then also send out reminders to all your guests, ensuring that they don’t miss out on your big event. Let our whole team handle your guest list. So that you can get to pay attention to the other details of the whole wedding saga.

Free online wedding invitations are just what you require to maintain that directory of people who stand the feasibility to attend, thus, leaving no room for doubts upon the total headcount that you must expect. Take a back seat as far as your guest list is concerned and dance to your wedding bells. Inviter will handle this tricky part for you and ensure that you have your friends and family invitations neatly organized.

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