No time for choosing the perfect wedding invitations? We understand. You must be really busy, for the big day is knocking on your door. Everything is hasty and you are only ticking off things from your to-do list. Take a moment and sit aside. The wedding invitations are as important as any other attribute of the wedding. Do not choose any design in a rush. Inviter lets you choose from a variety of invitation possibilities and the option of the fastest RSVPs.

wedding invitations

Here are a few simple, elegant and sophisticated wedding invitation ideas that can help you zero down on the invite of your choice.

1. Hand Written Wedding Invitations

Plain white letters or handmade papers are the best choices for this one. Handwritten invitations are not only beautiful but also very emotional. There is intimacy in the sense that every letter has especially been written to put forward the invitation. Printing your handwritten invite and sending them via Inviter will not only be convenient but touching too.

2. Themed Wedding Invitations

If your wedding has a theme, your invitation might as well revolve around the theme. A very easy yet effective theme to go with is a particular choice of one or two colors. Make some online invitations using Inviter to suit it to the theme of your wedding and make a statement with your invite.

3. Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Most wedding invites use white or ivory paper. The contemporary ones are colorful and at times quirky. They are quite decorative with printed flowers and leaves. Couples can put their photos in the invites and create it according to their wishes. If you want to personalize your wedding invitations, this is the perfect choice for you.

4. Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Calligraphy is truly the most elegant when it comes to printed wedding invites. It is great for making a dramatic statement and is a very romantic way of sending out online wedding invitations. The best part about calligraphy prints is that it can be modern as well as traditional, to give your wedding invite a luxe look.

5. Presentation Wedding Invitations

Invitations can hugely personify through presentations. Make a video invitation and send it through the video invite option available at Inviter. Create your own style through songs and beautiful photos. The invitation will feel very intimate for it will almost be like telling a story. A presence of the visuals will make it feel like you are inviting them personally.