Do you know the 3 P’s of a wedding? Planning, Preparation and Perfection. If you have all the three in yourselves, you shall be the best wedding organizer. Many people know the nuances of organizing a wedding well, but when it comes to managing the guest list, their life goes bizarre.


They collect details about number of people attending the wedding from the number of invitations sent. And here is where they commit their first mistake. Yes, the First Mistake!

Get correct Invitee information using Inviter

The purpose of sending wedding invitation is to inform the near and dear that the bride and groom are entering into a nuptial agreement forever. The invites are sent to friends, family and acquaintances in plenty. But it is very difficult to assess the actual number of invitee and one cannot reap the correct number of people attending the wedding from this list. Rather there should be a secondary list where one can get confirmation from people based on their replies. How to get it? Do you call everyone to whom you posted the invitation and collect details? No, there is an easy way out. It is the Inviter way.

Manage the Invitee list through RSVP feature

Inviter is the best video invitation and free sharing portal through which you can design your DIY online wedding invitations and edit it nicely. Before uploading the same to the guest list, if one adds the RSVP feature, it does all the job of collecting the updated guest list. While a recipient opens the invitation email, he gets a set of voting buttons which will make him respond back to the wedding request. If ‘Yes’ is selected, then it assures that the recipient is definitely going to attend the wedding. There is a ‘No’ and a tentative option as well. Based on these figures, wedding planners can arrange hospitality, parking, food and beverages etc. for the guests to keep them warm and cozy.

Now no more stress is needed in organizing wedding ceremonies and managing guests, as Inviter support is available throughout for you, be it day or night! It enables you to correctly know the number of guests and plan everything for them without a last minute hotchpotch. Just log in, post your video message, check the RSVP of the guests and arrange for all requisites based on the status to make the ceremony a great hit without taking much stress.