Did you know that back in the old times, sending an RSVP was considered rude? No one used to put RSVP on their invitations because it meant that the host does not trust the guests to do the right thing. But the time is changed now.


People in their busy life now do not have the same regard for the invitations as they had in the old days, hence putting an RSVP on invitations makes all the sense.

We’ve all organized parties. So much time, energy, and money go into it. And everything is done with utmost care only to ensure perfect arrangement for the special day. No matter how accurate your arrangements are, one thing that can still jeopardize your peace of mind is guests arriving without RSVP’ing at the last minute.

A small acronym at the end of the invitation, the RSVP which in simple terms means ‘please respond’ holds great importance for the host. Unfortunately, is not respected by the invited guests most of the times. Why?

The two most common reasons for not sending the RSVP’s are, one – they aren’t sure whether or not to attend and two – they just don’t understand the importance of an RSVP for the host.

There are so many things involved in hosting a good party. Food, drinks, seating arrangements, space arrangement and what not. By not responding to an RSVP invitations, you are keeping the host perplexed about your arrival.

Ensure an RSVP is respected: (For the Host)

Making RSVP’ing as easy as possible:

Today, sending a personal invite has taken an all new dimension with Inviter’s Online video invitations. It is delivered directly to your mailbox. Open, read, decide and simply click on the RSVP tab. RSVP’ing is a matter of seconds now.

Make your invitations special:

There’s certainly an inclination from your side to foster the relationship with the person further, and that’s exactly why you’re sending him/her an invite. But if your invite is personalized and exclusive, you’re going to express the right emotions and more likely to get back an RSVP.

Ensure an RSVP is respected: (For the Guest)

By responding on time and showing up:

Respect the effort and emotions of the host. They’re taking great pains in organizing everything to perfection. Your response on time will help them ensure that you get the well-deserved welcome. Once you’ve sent invitations with RSVP, make sure to mark it in your calendar and SHOWUP on time. Nothing delights the host more than a revered guest showing up on time.

In case of indecisive schedule, call the host:

There are times when you aren’t sure whether you can actually make to the party or not. In such cases go ahead, pick up your phone and tell the host your situation. Not only will they understand but also be thankful for letting them know in advance. In all possibilities, they will keep extra arrangements ready for you, so that if you make it, you get to enjoy the best of your time with them. This gesture shows the host the importance of their invitation and your good manners.

RSVP is a courteous way to ask ‘please let us know if you can come for our special occasion’. Responding to it is the least you can do to help the host make the best of arrangements for you.