Whether it is for an occasion such as a birthday etc. or whether you are organizing an official meeting. You need to make invites in the event that you are the host. The time for delivering the mails and sweating over whether the recipient has received it or not seems ancient. And if you are still living in that time then you are not inviting more stress to an already stressful life.

Email Invitations

In the modern hi-tech world we live in, one has got to be efficient to be ahead of the game. While it is hard to accept change. The dynamic nature of sending email invitations offer way more advantages than sending postal mails to not give it a try.

Free Invites with Templates

The online portal called Inviter provides you with the service of email invitations. Apart from them being free, they are also the fastest way of sending data. Inviter also provides you with the option of giving you many templates for events. These templates may range from something as personal as an anniversary to something as professional as organizing an office team dinner. All you have to do is pick up the template you like and add the information accordingly. You can have different invites ready for your entire guest list in literally a few clicks.

Please respond (RSVP)

With the feature of RSVP option that email invitations from Inviter provides you. With these you can collect important details about the amount of guests, amount of kids and adults, what food preferences they have (whether they are vegetarians or non-vegetarians), how to manage parking in case of a large party at home etc. Such advanced planning along with all this data can go a long way to ease out the stress of planning any event of any magnitude.

Timely and Dynamic Updates

As already mentioned before, these email updates reach your guests well ahead of time. And one doesn’t have to go through the routine of shouting at the mailman or blaming the postal office for mixing up the invites or losing them altogether. As long as you make sure that you don’t make an error at your end, you can be rest assured that nothing is going to mess with your invites.

Moreover, in case of any incident which may require a change in the time of the event or the venue, or if the event goes through a last minute cancellation due to any unforeseen reason. Then all you need to do is to resend the invite to the guest list with the altered details that are updated in the guest’s mailbox in a few seconds.

All these amazing features that you can get with Inviter. Your guests will be definitely amazed with the arrangements and give you all the credit being the host.