Remember the times back from college, when you and your friends used to look for moments to celebrate even the slightest of things in each other’s life. And really live up to the true meaning of happiness? You all didn’t really have much resources to spend lavishly and enjoy all those luxurious. But did somehow found solace in the simplicity of life and being. Today, when it is time for you to tie the knot and start a beautiful new life, it is a brilliant idea to use up all of that lawn space to hold some of the ceremonies for that extra homely touch. And have all your close friends come over to join in the humble family affair that celebrates simplicity yet again.

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No place like home

Without doubt, it takes a lot of planning and processing to pull together all those marriage ceremonies that doesn’t make your guests feel like outsiders. But an important part of your extended family. They must not only get to enjoy the excellent vibes that revolve around weddings, but also be able to bond over the wedding shenanigans. Home is just the place to play the best hosts and make everyone feel really comfortable. At Inviter, we understand your needs to keep everyone posted on the ceremony details. And avoid any sort of confusions that might lead to the important guests missing out on your big events.

Email invitations for home ceremonies

We have our email invitations for home ceremonies designed such that we leave no room for confusions of any sort. And people can easily mark their calendars using our thoroughly detailed invitations. Now, we know that these email invitations need to be customized as per your own creativity. So we provide you will all the freedom to either twitch around our predesigned templates, or you can create something absolutely new.

The feel-good factor

With an endless choice to compose your email invitations, where you can even embed a couple of pictures or even attach video clippings with personal messages. We ensure that these mails are sent to every single person included on your guest list. We even maintain an RSVP tracker for you to crosscheck that your important guests have received your email invitation for the home ceremonies and have a clarity of their availability.

At Inviter, we also help you ensure that your guests make it to the much important home ceremonies. And also don’t actually end up missing the dates, by sending out reminder mails to them, as per your convenience. We either shoot another round of reminder mails or maybe even a telephonic reminder. All this, just to ensure that the word is spread nice and wide and don’t end up missing important people during your home ceremonies. Trust Inviter to make your guest list management much easier and organized neatly in one place.