You still can’t get over the fact that he finally popped the question and it all turned out to be just the way you had imagined it. The day he proposed, will no doubt be the best day of your life, well- so far. You are yet to announce this grand news to your whole world and how. With the wedding preparations at full bloom, you have so many responsibilities to cover and there is a full on possibility that things get a little chaotic and hectic.

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We at Inviter understand how hectic wedding preparations can be and thus. We have devised a website just so you can sit back and sip on some wine, and enjoy those wedding bells chiming away. Virtual wedding invitations are the best way to delegate the biggest task of maintaining your guest list. At Inviter, we provide you with an absolutely hassle-free way to create your personalized wedding invitations and send them across to all your guests.

We understand the importance of your wedding invitations. That is precisely why we have a demo to walk you through our whole process of creating a virtual wedding invitation. We give you the luxury of handpicking your invitation’s type and a template to help your conceptualize it. It can either be an adorable video recording of you and your spouse-to-be, or it can be a whole photo gallery of the two of you sharing some really close memories. The ideas are endless and the whole process is extremely easy to incorporate.

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Not only do we send out the wedding invitations, we also manage the whole guest list with our RSVP tracker. So that you know your event’s headcount way in advance. You can even rely on us for reminding your guests, in case they forget to save the date. We can send out the reminders not only through mails, but also over phone calls, just to add a perfect little personal touch.

Show your guests that you care by adding some poll questions to your invitation, where you get to note down their food preferences and ensure you don’t serve them anything that they are allergic to. Well, you don’t really have to note it down yourself- we even organize a little analytics thing for you to determine such stuff. You just need to let our professionals take over one of the biggest tasks and help your organize your guest list with utmost responsibility.