It was only a few years ago when you were teaching your little girl to walk on her own – holding back the urge to pick her up every time she fell flat on her face. The way her curious questions as a kid, stimulated thoughts in your system and lit up your day.

Those heartwarming memories will always come back to put a smile on your face, no matter what. Today, your baby girl has come of age and is all set to step into the beautiful world of womanhood. It’s time to celebrate. Invite your guests with DIY Half Saree Ceremony video invitations.


DIY Half Saree Ceremony Video Invitations

It calls for a grand celebration, where all your relatives must be immediately invited to your girl’s Half Saree Ceremony where they can bless her for the rite of passage. While you can focus on all the other preparations to ensure everything is top notch. We, at Inviter – can help you quickly send out customised invitations. You can either invite your guests with photo invitations or you can take it a step ahead, and make a beautiful video of your little muffin. The choice is yours to make, and the rest is our responsibility that your world knows.

Half Saree Invitation Videos

Share your work

While you invest yourself into buying her the best Langa Voni and a charmer of a Saree. We will track all your RSVPs and ensure you know the availability of all your guests. We can even make sure that none of your busy bee relatives forgets the date, by sending out nice little reminders. And ensuring the Saree Ceremony is attended by those who are especially close to your heart. You can even ensure that you meet the expectations of all your Uncles and Aunts by sending out a couple of poll questions, like their preference of food, etc.

Your personal event organiser

We help you organise a great Half Saree Ceremony by making them timely phone calls, shooting emails and updating that RSVP list from time to time. So that you don’t land into any confusion, with the whole headcount part. All you need to do is, set up your kind of invite by following through our easy-peasy steps, and voila! You have all your relatives and friends well informed with cute images and or videos to adore. Save your efforts and precious time for all the other hefty preparations. And let our professionals handle your guest list with utmost responsibility.

For your girl gets her Half Saree Ceremony only once in a lifetime and you must ensure the best of arrangements.