Planning a corporate event can be a nerve-wracking job out of which designing the invitations is the most challenging. This is because you cannot give free reign to your imagination with a corporate invitation as some amount of formality has to be maintained.

corporate video invitations

On the other hand, you also want your invitations to be unique and effective. Another important aspect of corporate invitations is that they are an opportunity for human resources department to reach out and touch the hearts of the staff members. Even if you are sending out invitations as a senior management professional to your subordinates the same opportunity applies. This is the reason that you need to spend a good amount of time and effort in the designing and creation of corporate event invitations.

Why corporate video invitations are different?

This is where corporate video invitations come into the picture. Imagine the feelings of a junior staff member when he or she receives a video of the CEO telling them how much their work is appreciated along with an invitation to celebrate this effort. It will definitely touch their hearts and make them feel as one with the organization. Even if it is human resource department which is creating the video it will have a similar impact. Even though corporate invitations need to be formal and proper, there is a lot of room for creativity.

One thing that you need to bear in mind is that corporate events and parties rarely if at all have any theme. This may make your task of designing the invitations a bit difficult, but there are many other ways of making the video invitations creative and appealing. You can use different props that are meaningful to your company or a collage of pictures of your employees as the background. The choices are endless.

Then again you can also create a musical play while depicting the lighter side of working with the organization, or the goofy but harmless things that employees and management tend to do. You can compose a song which depicts the vision and mission of the organization. All this can be accomplished with a little innovation to ensure that the formality of the event and hence the invitation is maintained.

You can also choose to make a video that reflects the ambiance of the party. If it is a classic cocktail party you are looking at, then a bold business holiday party theme would be right for the video. You can add a fun and funky snowman in the background or a colorful Christmas tree. Make sure that you take the opinion of the people who are organizing the party so as to create a harmonious feel. Also, make sure that the decor at the party matches the feel of the corporate video invitations.

You can also search the internet for creative ideas for creating video invitations for corporate events. There are many articles and blogs on the subject which will give you many ideas if brainstorming with your colleagues does not give you the desired inspiration for the design of your corporate party invitations.