Graduation happens only once in a lifetime and you wish to enjoy this occasion to the utmost. You also want to share your happiness with your near and dear ones throwing a party is probably the best way to do so.


If you are planning a graduation party then the first thing you need to think about is the invitations. Of course, there are the paper invitations which you can post to your relatives and friends, but these can be quite tedious and time-consuming, not to mention expensive. This is the reason that nowadays more and more people are turning to digital invitations and digital video invitations for any occasion.

The digital invitations can be in the form of an email which has been created by you. However, this could be rather dull, so you would like to add some element of interest to your invitations. Now a days, this is quite possible with the help of websites that allow you to design your own invitations. However, the scope for personalization and customization in these invitations is limited. This is because most of them offer pre-designed templates in which you can probably add the information regarding your party or event.

New & Customized Digital Video Invitations

After these rather simple invitations came the digital video invitations which were essentially animated clips and the scope for customization with them was also minimal. However, nowadays it is possible to create completely customised and personalised digital video invitations. There are a few websites which allow you to upload any video and send it across to a large number of people in one go. While creating the video you can use the theme of the party, the party colors and other elements which will give the recipients an idea about the flavor of the upcoming event.

As far as the video is concerned you can give free reign to your imagination. You can involve other members of your family and friends in the shooting of the video. You can write a small play which can give the information about the party in a creative and innovative manner. You can also add some music or a special song that speaks all about success and dreams of the future. You can also depict the journey of your life till the time of graduation with the help of such a video. All in all, there is little that you cannot do in order to make your video invitation unique and intriguing.

If you send such unique video invitations to your guests they are sure to be intrigued about what they can expect at the party. Such innovative invitations convey the message that the party will be unique just like the invitations. Apart from simply giving information about the party like the timing, venue etc. you can also add RSVP options in the invitations.

This will save the recipients the trouble of having to make a separate RSVP mail. Most of the guests will look forward to attending your party and you will be able to launch a successful event. The digital video invitations are a great start to a roaring party because they will convey the message that the party will be as interesting as the invitations.