Venue ready, food ready, staffs ready, bride’s and groom’s family ready… Ready for? Of course for welcoming the desired GUESTS without whose presence even a flamboyant and gaudy wedding can turn pale, dull and boring.


But often due to lack of time, geographical distance or less emotional connectivity most of the guests fail to attend the wedding of a very dear one thus making the host feel lonely and disappointed. So, how to compel the guests to attend your event without any chance of saying ‘no’? Read out here:

New trendy video wedding invitations for the valued guests

Wedding invitations play a key role in reaching your guests’ hearts and convey them the message that your wedding will be incomplete without their good wishes and blessings. But the traditional paper-made invitation cards are no more in trend with the advent of the latest video invitations created through Inviter. This type of invitation is not only more appealing and effective but is easier to send and manage single-handedly without any hassles.

Such online wedding invitations are also quick and absolutely economical. You don’t need to spend a single penny while creating and sending them to your guests. A smartphone or a camcorder is what you need to record your video and an internet connection to visit the Inviter video portal which allows you to load, edit and post your video completely free of cost.

Keep a track of your guests’ response through RSVP & Poll options

While organizing the wedding event, you might get nightmares on how to arrange the food, lodging, catering and parking facilities for all the valued invitees with any fault or dissatisfaction. Well, it is the time for you to smile now! The new technology of Inviter video portal is the ‘Gene in Disguise’ who will help you to manage your guest list perfectly with its amazing RSVP and Poll options.

But in order to avail this facility, make sure you include this feature in your video before sending it to your guests. Just with a click on the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or tentative option button your invitees will update you about their status whether they will come or not thus easing up the things for you. In short, with this RSVP and poll option, you can be absolutely ready to welcome the invitees in such a grand way that they will always remember.

Opt for this latest technology of video wedding invitations and enhance the glamour and happiness quotient of your wedding with the grand presence of your beloved guests.