Communication has come a long way and connecting to a friend sitting at the farthest corner is not a big deal anymore. Without any doubt, technology has helped us get plenty of options to communicate. But we believe that it’s high time that you ditch those long voice calls and start sending video messages to friends, family or colleagues.


We’ve weighed the advantages and disadvantages of different communication methods to help you decide which one is best for you.

Videos are much better than boring voice calls or sending text messages. Here’s an example! Your kiddo’s birthday is around the corner and you’ve all plans to a throw a big party. All preparations done but what about sending invites? Sending cards or text messages or phoning people seems boring. We also don’t find it happening!! Send video messages to your loved ones and let them feel the honour.

Recording video messages isn’t a big task. You need to record a video, upload it to our platform, set it using different themes, personalize it and it’s ready to be send. Hit send button to send them or select ‘schedule’ to send them later.

Here are few reasons as to why you should go for our video messages:

It’s Cheap: You don’t have to spend heavy to send a video invite. It’ll cost you as much as a hamburger! Of course, you can send video invitations to up to 25 guests for free. (No credit card required)

Immediate RSVP: Your guest will know about the number of guests inviting the party. No need to wait then!

Personalize: Video messages can be personalized as per the event. You’re hosting your kiddo’s party so why not give a cartoon party theme!

It’s adorable: Video messages are adorable and let you guest know about your love. Awww ☺
By now, you should have been curious to send video messages and not text messages.