Most organizations are battling with the increasing problem of attrition among their employees. Nowadays there is no scarcity of well-paying jobs in the market due to which most employees look for employers who don’t just pay them well but also treat them well.


As a result, in the face of even a little dissatisfaction with their work conditions employees tend to up and leave the company. This kind of attrition of employees is a major problem for organizations as it means a major expense in all kinds of resources. This is because hiring and training new staff can be a time extensive and expensive procedure.

How video greetings boost employee loyalty?

One of the methods that most management heads employ to retain their human resources is of making them feel like a second family in their workplace by sending them video greetings from time to time. This is because nowadays most individuals respond more positively to emotionally positive stimulus. People are ready to compromise on the money factor if their emotional requirements are being met. This is because most working people spend a large part of their day in the office and there emerges a need for them to feel comfortable and at home. This in turn, will enhance not only their loyalty to the organization but also their productivity.

If as the supreme head of an organization you want your staff to feel that the organization is their second family then you have to convey this message to the eloquently from time to time. One of the best times of doing this is the birthday or anniversary of the employee. Sending a greeting to your employees on their birthdays and anniversaries gives them a message that you are not just concerned about what they do in office. Instead, you are also concerned about their well-being and happiness at home and this will make the recipients of the greetings feel that they are cared for and valued. This feeling will ensure that they will not up and leave the organization in a hurry.

Of course, there are many different options when you want to send birthday or anniversary greetings to your employees. There is always the option of email greetings which are readily available on the internet. In fact, there are many websites which allow you to send musical and animated greetings as well. However, no matter how creative these greetings are they certainly lack the personal touch. This is the reason that some enterprising individuals and companies have come up with the idea of personalized video greetings.

You can record a video of your own with a very personal message and send it across to the concerned employee along with some careful words in a text message. There are many ways of making your employee realize that you have made a personal effort to greet them on their special day. For instance, the CEO of a company can record himself speaking out a message and send this video to the employee in question. This will not only make the recipient feel special, but his respect for his organization and hence his loyalty and productivity will increase.