The most important resource of any organization is the human resource. It is necessary for the leadership of any organization to keep the employees motivated and in positive spirits. For this purpose, it is necessary to interact with them from time to time and boost their morale.


A simple word from the CEO of the organization goes a long way to giving employees a feeling that they belong. This is the reason that most CEOs regularly send messages to all the employees of their organization. Of course, the usual times for sending these messages are festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but it is also important to interact with your people on a regular basis without any such occasion.

Motivational message are often ignored

If you are the CEO of your organization, you may be used to sending those personalized emails out to the employees which are probably never even opened. The reason behind this apathy of your staff is that they know with your busy schedule you probably did not write the email and nor was it sent by you. Hence, these emails although they contain important messages invariably end up in the junk folder. Some CEOs have gone a step further and started sending animated videos and other more interactive messages which are now easily available on the internet. However, although these messages are more eloquent than the written word, they still lack the personal touch.

Send personalized video messages to your employees

In order to deal with this challenge, you now have access to a website which enables you to send personalized videos with text messages and these are very effective in making a positive impact on your staff. For instance as the CEO of the company you can record a 2-3 minute video of yourself speaking on the topics that you want to emphasize among your staff. This video when accompanies with a motivational text message will have the impact on them that you desire. Let us look at some benefits of sending such a personalized video message

  • Your employees will appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to create the video especially for them.
  • They will definitely watch the video while earlier they simply ignored the messages sent by you.
  • An audio-visual medium is the most effective way of appealing to the mind and emotions of a human being. Hence, your message will have the desired impact on your employees.
  • Your employees will be motivated due to your simple but effective gesture and feel that they are a part of the organization which will be like next to family.

Marketing and promotion

These are merely the benefits of the private option for the video message. If on the other hand as a marketing head of an organization you want to convey your promotional message to a large audience then you can make use of the public option. In this option, you can upload a promotional video and place it strategically on all your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. This in turn will have the effect of word of mouth publicity when people share the promotional video message with the friends on their social media list.

Hence, whether it is simply employee motivation or a promotional campaign, this method of video sharing provides you with an effective platform.