Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are approaching in coming months, with days gap to each other. So have you planned to convey your thank you video greetings to your employees and colleagues? If yes, how are you gonna do it? Do you think a simple email or a postcard greeting would do the job?

For all such questions, we have one ultimate answer which will help you to convey your thank you messages, Christmas and New year greetings effectively to your employees. Video Greetings!! Yes, video greetings.

Corporate Video Greetings
Video Greetings

Why Send Corporate Video Greetings To Your Employees?

Why video greetings? Let me tell you that email or an animated text or image greeting sent to employees or colleagues don’t catch any attention and will be ignored, which in turn doesn’t even help with your employee engagement. Whereas,video greetings solve the industries biggest problem with the printed and other e-invitations – “Personalization” and “Emotional Connect”.

Yes, video greeting has these two advantages. To create video greetings, you don’t need a professional photographer or a video camera to record your video message. All you need is your mobile camera. Record your video message as you are wishing someone over a skype video call. Once done, login to your inviter account and set up your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year corporate video greetings and upload respective videos to their respective video greetings.

Once done, do send a test greeting to make sure the video and audio are well synced. Since it’s a business greeting, you can customize your video greetings with different pre-loaded landing page templates. Also, you can insert your company’s logo and change the color schemes.

You can take your employees work emails from your HR department in the form of a .csv excel sheet to upload it to your inviter account. When the time is right, send the respective video greeting to your employee list you uploaded and track the view status and employee comments on your personalized video greetings.

In turn, it helps you to build up good employee-boss relations and also increased employee engagement and loyalty towards the organization. Such a simple act makes a big difference to you and your employees both personally and professionally.

Let’s not delay anymore and grab your mobile phone to record your video message and keep it ready to send your video greetings in right time.