It seems that nowadays there is always a reason to send greeting cards, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays are always on the horizon and keeping track of all the friends and relatives, and their special occasions can be a real hassle.

graduation video greetings
Graduation Ceremony

For many of us, greetings cards are something that we only send once or twice a year. This is understandable, especially in this day and age with so many media surrounding us and with such busy lives, it can feel like a blast from the past to sit down and write a greeting card and then post it. The truth is, though, that this can make it all the more worthwhile.

It is a transcendence of human nature that we have come to an age where we can send video greetings to our friends and family during graduation and other occasions like birthday and marriage anniversary.

Free Graduation Video Greetings

Video greetings are the next gen medium of e-greetings. An effective and inexpensive way to send a greeting to friends and family members during their graduation. And yes, you no longer have to worry about paying for stamps at the post office.

With just a few clicks and a little creativity, anyone can create a one-of-a-kind graduation video greeting and send. With these types of e-greetings, you can upload your favorite video clip or photos, you create yourself right now. Create video greetings are quick and easily sent over the internet.

This is a great way to stay in touch with friends or family members that you may live far away from during their graduation. Instead of just writing them a message you can record a video message where you or your children talking to them in the greeting. Your friends and family will love to see you and hear your voice in these video clips.

Is the process of creating a video greeting is easy as it says?

Yes, this is the best way to send graduation greeting cards to friends and family who lives across the country. All you have to do is record a short video of the entire family together sending their warm wishes and upload it directly into your greeting.

Now, with video greetings platform you can finally send greetings that won’t get thrown away right. Your video message goes right to someone’s inbox. Rest assured that they will love this impressive one-of-a-kind greeting.

Video greetings have gained popularity in the recent days. Web sites offer this for all different occasions and different styles. The sender can add a personalized message to the greeting. The moment the receiver opens a video greeting, he/she will definitely impress.

Just record or create a video with your family and friends and send a lovely personalized video greeting to your loved ones on their graduation using Inviter.