All of us remember the day of graduation, which may mean different things to different people. For some, it may be the first step into adulthood while others might consider it to be the moment that pushes an individual into the harsh battleground of the real world.


Whatever the meaning, the importance of the moment is the same for all people. During such a time a person wants to share his or her happiness with the people who mean the most in their lives. This is the reason that if someone close to you has graduated it is necessary to convey your good wishes and blessings to them.

Now the question arises that which would be the best and most eloquent way of conveying your good wishes on someone’s graduation. There are many ways of doing this the conventional way, for instance with flowers, cards, or even a gift. However, all these leave something to be desired and that is the personal touch. Even if you make handmade cards or gifts, you will probably not be able to convey exactly what you wish to say.

However, nowadays advancement in technology has made it possible to convey your good wishes in a unique and very personal manner. This is the method of sending video greetings to the person who has graduated. You can give your innovation and creativity a free reign with these greetings. You can add a song or some music along with the spoken message. In fact, you can even create a story theme with some other people who are important in the recipient’s life. If you are stuck for ideas you can conduct some research online as there are many articles and blogs sharing creative ideas for personalized videos meant to congratulate a graduating person.

Nowadays with almost all mobile phones being equipped with cameras it is quite easy to shoot these videos. If you wish to give them a more professional touch then you can get a professional photographer to shoot the video or even hire sophisticated equipment and do it yourself. The next step is to find a way to share the video with the person who it is intended for. Of course there is Youtube, but what if you could actually email the video to the recipient’s personal email box? This would give it a totally different meaning than sharing it on a public platform.

How to Create a Video Greeting?

If you search your favorite search engine with how to create graduation video greeting? You will come across some websites. One of the best platform to do so is Inviter, which provide this facility for a very nominal fee. The best part is that this platform is very user-friendly and self-explanatory. You do not need to possess any technical know-how in order to use this website. All you have to do is upload the video, create a video greeting and provide the email address of the person for whom it is intended. The payment can also be made through a safe gateway, and there is no risk of your information being shared with any third party for any purpose. So pick up your phone camera and start off on the most creative idea that comes to mind, the rest is quite easy.