Since Halloween is on the door, you must be very busy planning the event and preparing different ideas. This spooky and eerie event is enjoyed by everyone, especially kids, and hence each of them wants themselves to look the most frightening. And being the host of the event, you’d like to think something creative and unique for the Halloween party that would be surprising, as well as meet the theme of the party.

halloween party

So meanwhile you are planning your guest list for an invitation, we have come forward with some unique and scary Halloween party ideas for you that you’d love to know.

The Spooky Ideas for a Halloween Party

Make food with a spooky touch

A little bit of food coloring can make the dish look creative. The cheese eyeballs are quite yummy as well as looks creepy with a little bit of coloring and decoration. Your guests would love this recipe and meanwhile, you can make some fun with the cheese and crackers. Another is the easy mummy cake pops where the cake gets layered with chocolate and frosting bandages. You can also try the candy-dipped apples for kids that look like a lantern or a ghost. Decorating them is fun indeed.

Party games

A Halloween party is incomplete without a spooky game or activity. Especially, when kids are there, they would really expect some fun at the party with some madness. So the Snake Eyes game can be enjoyable to them. This is a match and pair game where the player with the most number of matches is awarded a prize. You need to fill pairs of bottles and start matching. Another game is Pumpkin Picking which is cheap and can be prepared yourself. A number of tiny pumpkins are crafted and guests need to slide their hands through the pumpkins. Behind each pumpkin is a gift hidden and the player needs to choose a pumpkin and claim their gift.

Mummy Candy Cans

These cans are quite creative and spooky and kids are going to love them too much. They look adorable in the mummy attire and contains sweets and candies for the tiny guests. You can make one for each kid at the party and present to them after the party or send them home as party favors. These cans are made with an empty can, black spray paint, googly eyes, and bandages.

Handcrafted bats or pumpkins

You can decorate the party surroundings with some spooky handcrafted bats. They can be created using inexpensive sheets. If the weather is predicted to be favorable then you can hang a few outside or on the trees to make it look scarier. You can also try making some pumpkins for sticking in the surroundings or a combination of both.

Arrange a spooky welcome for guests

Give your guests a fright by arranging a headless horseman figure on the entrance gate. Place a jack-o-lantern on his hands showing guests the way to the party hall. Alternatively, you can plan any other scary figure as a welcome sign.

A ghostly yet nice invitation

No party can be a party without an invitation. You will a number of invitation templates online those are scary and suits the theme perfectly. Invite your guests for the party delights and ask them to join you for the day. Don’t forget to add the party destination and timing with your contact number details.

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