In recent times, there is a shift in corporate culture. The ‘only work’ culture is now gradually shifting to ‘work and play’. It could be because of the profit that companies are making or it could be one of the strategies to make the employees stay – however it works any which way. One can clearly say that office are arranging parties and trips to keep their employees happy. Since these office parties are purely organized for fun, we decided to give away some cool ideas for the party.

office parties

Best ideas for the office parties:


One of the best ways to keep your office part full of fun and light is by playing fun games. Search on the internet and try to come up with fun games. It will not only keep the pressure on party low but will also help employees gel with one another in a better way.


Decoration is important. What is an office party that has no decoration at all? You can either ask all your employees to decorate their cubicles on their own or the organizers can decorate it uniformly for everyone.


It is going to be even more exciting if you could come up with a theme for the party. There is number of theme ideas available over the internet. You can pick the one that suits your party the best.


Dress codes are super fun. You can pick a colour and keep as dress code or keep it thematic such as red carpet. Trust us, adding a dress code to the party brings a whole lot of enthusiasm amongst the employees. For instance, you can keep red for females and blue for males and so on.


This super fun party is incomplete without an equally fun invitation. Opting for a video invite could be a great idea. It is simple and hassles free. There are predefined templates on the website, just select the one you like and its half done. Our representative would get back to you and the video will get delivered within 3 working days only. Don’t think too much, just get started.


Your employees work day and night certainly to achieve the award of ‘EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR’ but we aren’t talking about that award now. Keep fun awards such as ‘the loudest laughter,’ ‘one who is always late’ and so on. The spirit of office party is going to be uplifting for sure.


Who doesn’t love gifts? Well, you can arrange for a small return gift to all the employees or perhaps the selected ones. It would be an amazingly warm gesture from a company’s side towards the employees.

Office parties are one of the best ways to make your employees break the ice and get along with each other. This is especially for companies that own more than one department and at least 50+ employees. Keeping these parties light and low pressure is important. If there is any point that we have possibly missed out, comment about it to us.