When you are in charge of an organization of any kind, the biggest challenge is to keep your employees happy and productive at the same time. It has been proved by research that happier employees tend to be more productive.


If a person is happy working in an organization, he or she will give his best and more to the job. At the same time, employee satisfaction solves a major problem of attrition. Anyone who runs a business knows how difficult it is to get skilled and talented personnel. Once, you find the kind of candidates that suit your requirement there is the additional challenge of training them in order to understand your specific requirements.

It also takes some time for a candidate to become comfortable and start providing optimal results. Hence, we can say that hiring a new employee is a relatively expensive proposition. In this situation if your employees leave you very soon it can mean a major loss to the organization in terms of time, money and effort. This is the reason that all employers go out of their way to keep their employees happy.

One of the best ways of doing this is to appeal to and satisfy their emotional requirements. Often it is observed that employees will continue to work for slightly lesser monetary benefit, if their emotional requirements are satisfied. Hence, you have to keep thinking of ways to appeal to their emotions. Apart from launching several reward schemes and other ways of appreciating the work of your employees, it is also important to personally interact with them on a regular basis. This may be somewhat difficult if you head a large organization with a lot of employees.

The usual method that most management heads resort to is sending an email to their employees once in a while. Now most employees are aware of the fact that as the head of the organization, it is unlikely that you spent any time or effort in order to write the email. It was most probably written by your assistant who then sent it to various email addresses. However, there is a simple but effective method to show your employees that you care about them and that is to send them personalized video invitations.

Personalized Video Invitations:

Most companies organize parties, get-togethers and other events from time to time for the rejuvenation of their employee’s energies. These events play a major role in building the team spirit among employees and also to make them feel that they belong to a second family at their workplace. If you simply send an email invitation mentioning the time, venue etc. of the event it will not have any kind of emotional impact on them.

On the other hand, if you take some time out and prepare a video invitation message that you record yourself speaking out, it will touch their hearts. As an organization head, you know the pulse of your employees and you can touch that very pulse in your message. Such a message will give them the feeling that you care enough about them to take the time and effort to address them personally. This personalized video invitations will go a long way in enhancing your employee’s satisfaction level and ensure that they are both loyal and productive.