Nowadays the professional arena takes a heavy toll on the individual. The pace is hectic and levels of stress are high and usually, money is not enough motivation for an employee to put in his or her best at work.


In fact, it has been often observed that many people quit a job and take up one paying lesser simply because the environment of the organization is better. The one thing that motivates an employee to work hard is the appreciation from the bosses. This is the reason that whenever you get a chance to show your appreciation for your employees you should not let it go. This applies whether you are the CEO of a small organization or the HR head of a larger one.

Corporate Video Invitations

One of the opportunities to show appreciation to your employees is when you are sending out invitations for any corporate event. At this time including some words of encouragement will go a long way in enhancing employee loyalty and corporate video invitations give you just such an opportunity. It is easy enough to make the videos because most mobile phones are equipped with cameras. On the other hand, if you want a more professional touch then you can hire a videographer. Whatever is your choice you can create a very appealing and touching video.

Of course simply shooting the management of the organization inviting people to attend the event is the simplest method of doing it, but you can be more creative as well. For instance, suppose it is an award function to which you are inviting people, then it is a good idea to insert photographs or clippings of the employees who are getting the awards and also enlist their achievements. On the other hand, if it is an office anniversary party or a party to celebrate some other such occasion, then a journey down memory lane is not out of the question. You can add songs, music, props and so on to make the video creative and appealing.

Make sure to especially thank all your employees for their hard work and sincerity and also specially mention the ones who have gone beyond the call of duty to make the organization a success. This will motivate other people to work hard and contribute sincerely to the growth of the organization.

The best part is that sending these corporate video invitations is quite easy as there are some websites that provide these services. You can easily find these websites with a little research on the internet with the relevant keywords. Once you find such websites you can study them to find which one is the most user-friendly and reasonably priced.

All you need to do is upload the videos on the website as per the directions and provide the email addresses of the intended recipients. One of the best platform to do that is Inviter. Using this website, it is possible to send videos to about 200 people at one time which saves a lot of time and effort. What’s more, the charges for sending such video invitations are quite nominal compared to the benefits that you get.