Employee Corporate Video Greeting Cards

Go the extra step to really make your employees feel appreciated with employee video greeting cards. Yes, traditional cards are fine, but they’ll get trashed and they add to clutter. Videos on the other hand, can get played over and over again as a pick me up someone is not quite feeling the best. It’s something that will truly last.

Employees are more productive when they know management appreciates their hard work. Taking the little time to show that appreciation in a video can boost morale and employee satisfaction that will result in increased productivity and profit margins. Employees work harder knowing that the work they do is valued.


Managers can create bulk greeting cards for the holidays and special events. All they need to see is a person speaking to them in a video. Whether its holiday greeting cards or just corporate video newsletters, those messages of appreciation matter.

➯ Employee Birthday Cards

Since you’re employees matter, it’s important to remember and celebrate their birthdays. Even it’s just business birthday cards, just you remembering can turn someone’s day into more meaningful. Employees know that what matters is profitability. Taking the extra effort to wish them a happy birthday with a video business birthday card will send them to the moon and back. Their productivity for the day will be up. You know, Inviter greeting cards are shareable via social networks, which in-turn boosts your company’s reputation and brand recognition.

Make the effort today to make your employees feel special. Sign up for a business account today and start making a difference in your work environment.