A marriage is forever ideally, and this makes a wedding one of the most special days in a couples’ life. Most couples go out of their way to make their dreams come true on this day and for this they spend considerable time, money and effort.


A lot goes into the planning of a perfect wedding and one of the most important elements in this planning are the wedding invitations. These are so important that there is an entire market meant to entice brides and grooms to be to make a style statement with the wedding invitations that they send.

What’s more wedding invitations are also a way to pique the interest of the guests in the occasion itself. For this reason, most couples choose invitations that complement the wedding theme. However, paper wedding invitations are a thing of the past and nowadays people make use of the electronic media for this all important task. For a long time, couples sent emails as wedding invitations and used different tactics to make them unique and stylish. However, nowadays even email invitations have become redundant and video invitations have taken their place.

Customized Video Wedding Invitations

For a long time, video invitations meant pre-designed animated clippings which had little or no scope of customization. However, nowadays it is possible to make your own customized video invitation and send it across to your expected guests. The best part is that the websites like Inviter offering these services are very user-friendly and simple. All you have to do is upload the video and supply the email addresses and the invitations can be sent across to them. Making the video itself is a simple task with all mobile phones being equipped with cameras. Even if you want to make a more professional looking video it is possible to rent videography equipment or hire a professional photographer.

Wedding Video Invitation Template

The best part is that you can give free reign to your creativity while making the video invitations. You can create the video in the form of a funny musical or a short play. You can involve other members of your family in the making of the video and create something really unique. One great idea is to give your expected guests an account of how your relationship has progressed over the years. This can be done in a romantic and dramatic manner to intrigue the viewers and they will get involved in your love story and this will make the wedding even more special for them.

Another good thing about these video wedding invitations is that there is an RSVP feature incorporated in them. The people who receive your invitations are able to provide you with an answer of whether they will be able to attend the event. This goes a long way in helping you plan and organize the event in a proper manner. At the same time, the recipients of your wedding invitations do not have to type out an email separately as they can simply reply to your invitation with their information. This makes matters simple and easy for both of you.