“How was the graduation ceremony man? Who was the guest of honor? Did you click pictures? Post them on Facebook soon dude”- this is how your friends buzz you when you post your graduation ceremony invitation through Inviter portal to them.


Inviter is that online platform through which you can send edited and customized video invitations to your family, friends and associates for free. All you need is a camera to shoot the video and high-speed internet connection that lets you upload the video to the valuable guest list.

Video Invitations for Graduation Day – How Inviter helps?

Universities take immense pleasure in organizing graduation ceremony for their outgoing batch. To make it more special and interesting, they can choose to create a live video invitation on behalf of the entire faculty and send it to the proud parents by email. Inviter simplifies the job of designing exclusive invitations as they have templates for every occasion. You can create your personal video, post process them to include pictures, venue and time information and then add the existing themes available with Inviter. There are provisions to add background music as well which will make it even more memorable and happening. Also, these invites can include RSVP feature as well that will make it easy for the sender to track the exact number of attendees. Inviter is very simple to learn and use. When you log-in, you can see your personal dashboard. Also, the recipients of the video invite can post their personal message to you.

Inviter makes the task super-easy!

One needn’t to be a pro in shooting, editing and designing. Neither, they have to worry about the picture-quality nor about the perfection of the editing and designing job. Inviter makes the task very easy even for a first-timer. Just do it one’s own way. Video is the only thing required to create an invitation. Make every student and their family feel happy and proud by sending that personalized video invitation.

In short, Inviter is a video invitation & video greeting portal that can connect people no matter how far they are pitched geographically. The first step towards a successful career is good education from a reputed university. So, when you nailed it with glory and perfection, make the day memorable with your near and dears by alerting them well ahead using the best Inviter video invitations.