Your partner in crime… your only 3 AM friend… the one guy who understands the real meaning of your smiles and smirks – is none other than your kid brother. You, on the other hand, has seen him enter your home curling in your mother’s arms and grow slowly and steadily with time.


Your brotherhood cannot be defined in words as you stand like a rock for each other. You might not be sugary sweet with each other, but you both never fail to acknowledge the special moments in your life. Today, when he is graduating, won’t you make it special for him? And how will you do it? Here is a quick and most heartwarming way to make him feel special – The Inviter graduation day video greetings.

Create & Send Video Greetings in Minutes!

The online free greeting portal Inviter, allows you to shoot a video, upload it and add themes and music to it for customization and send it to one or more recipients in one mouse click. As you are going to give a nice surprise to your little brother, all what you need to do is to shoot a video, design it your own way and share with your sibling just in a jiffy. Undoubtedly, the moment when he will see it, will be a very special and glorious for him, even more than the happiness of attending the graduation day he had been craving for!

Do it as Inviter suggests!

With Inviter, you can plan out the surprise in a creative way. Especially, you can create a picture collage of all the moments your brother had made you and your family proud and post it with his favorite music. Or you can get your mom and dad, to speak about their aspirations from their younger son and add your message as well which will bring a great smile on the young warrior’s face.

What will it take to send graduation video greeting through Inviter?

Wondering what if you can’t shoot the video perfectly or can’t do well while designing? Leave your worries behind! Inviter video greetings do not demand the video to be of an exceptional good quality. Even a quick selfie video can do the job which a DSLR camera cannot do. Inviter helps you to focus on happiness and relationships with these minute gestures which are its real pluses.

Inviter video greetings help you to share memories instantly and bring broad smiles on the faces of everyone who make them and who view them. This is what called as a family affair well formulated!