As much as you would like to believe that life starts only once you’re out of school and into the big world of nonconformity and subsistence. The truth remains that your school days really shape up the core of your personality. Even though you have to oblige to a lot of rules and restrictions – which you desperately look forward to discarding. You overlook as to how you always have had the liberties to keep strong opinions and maintain your judgments towards all the little things in life- something that continues afterwards.

So what really changes after school, are your equations with your friends and family along with a humongous modification to all the basic definitions such as responsibilities, freedom and sensibilities.

graduation ceremony
graduation party invitations

This calls for a celebration

Before you step out in the big world where the only constant is the change that you must persistently adapt to, for the sake of survival. You need to celebrate your graduation ceremony with all grandeur. It marks the big change in your life. And everyone you’ve ever recognized as friends and family deserve to be a part of this celebration. It definitely is a lot of work, with all the schools shenanigans coming to a rather sentimental end and the preparations for college up at full bloom. And it is pretty difficult to invite over so many people one by one, for your graduation ceremony.

You all have impacted each other’s life in such different ways, constantly keeping the up with the whole process of teaching and learning from all the times shared together, a bond that Inviter understands. Thus, we ease out things for you, such that you get to enjoy every moment of this hands-free.

The world needs to know

With our user-friendly portal, it is quick and easy for you to prepare some amazing graduation ceremony video invitations. You throw in some pictures from your school memories or some videos that remind them as to how amazing school has been for you and the people who matter to you. With our easy customization tools, you can prepare an invitation that best suits your tastes and sort out a guest list with absolute ease. What’s more? We send out these invitations to your guests through the social media platforms that best suits your interests and help your world know that you’re celebrating a milestone.

Allow Inviter to send out invitations to your all guests and track your RSVPs. So that you can keep a count of all those who will be able to make to the ceremony and watch you finally get done with a fundamental part of your life. We, at Inviter, understand your position, and our professionals handle all your guests while you get to spend time shopping and planning other crucial things for the big day and enjoy the fresh memories that you make on your way.