Saying thank you is a basic part of general etiquette that we are all taught since childhood. A simple thank you said sincerely can express your heartfelt gratitude and convey to the other person that you really appreciate what he or she has done.


The deed could be something simple as giving you a gift or even attending your wedding. Even in the professional world there is a great need to thank your boss, employee, client or business associate. There are many ways of expressing your thanks like giving a thank you card, flowers etc. However, the latest method of saying thank you effectively is with the help of personalized thank you video greetings.

Nowadays all mobile phones are equipped with cameras and this is the reason that shooting a video is a very simple thing. While making the video you can give free reign to your creativity. You can make the video in the form of a mono act which expresses your heart felt thoughts. You can also use different props, backgrounds, music etc. to make the video more eloquent. If you do not want to make an elaborate video then simply recording the message you want to convey in person is also sufficient.

Send Free Thank You Video Greetings

The best part is that sending this thank you video is also very simple and affordable. One of the best platform to do so is Inviter. It is very user-friendly and self-explanatory. All you have to do is upload the video to the website and type in the email addresses to which you wish to send the video. also allows you to send video invitations and video greetings up to 25 guests with a free of charge as a trial for first-time users.

Using this platform it is also possible to send video greetings to a large number of email addresses. This can be very useful in case you wish to send a thank you video to all the guests who attended your wedding. This is also effective when you want to thank all your employees for their hard work and sincerity over a project.

Earlier when people wanted to personalize a thank you message they used to do things like making handmade cards. However, now this is possible with thank you video greetings with much less effort. The person or persons receiving the thank you message will appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to make the video yourself. At the same time, instead of the pre-designed e-cards, these video greetings are better because you can say the exact words and thoughts that you have in mind. You don’t have to depend on the words expressed by someone else.