College time is the best time where we meet our best pals of lifetime. Though we are in old age, college memories occupy an important role in our lives. There is something special about these college days.

Everyone, as a student gets chance to experience this unique feeling not matter how successful you be in your career here after college life.

I personally find these college days occupies most important place in my life. After a week-long hectic office works, I take time in looking at my college album, which is a relaxation for me by remembering all those funny things I did along with my best pals such as skipping classes, long drives on weekends, late night movies, parties, chit-chats in class while the lecture is going on, forwarding silly texts, fun in college canteen etc., it keeps on going as I never get tired of remembering those most valuable time of my life.

To make these kind of memorable moments of yours more memorable, you can turn your photos and video clips into video greetings and send to your pals either by mailing or sharing on your social sites. Also you can document a video for your fellow juniors at your university giving them a hunch about how memorable a student’s life is in a university.


Checkout the below video I made, turning few pictures of must have college moments in every student’s life into a video greeting giving a hunch about what one can experience as a student at university.

Also, you can use for

  • Introduction videos
  • Birthday Greetings
  • Party Invitations
  • Weekend camping invitations
  • Stay in touch with alumni
  • Send Event Invitations
  • Graduation video greetings
  • Festival greetings to friends & faculties
  • Valentines day greetings
  • Also on New Year, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Fourth of July, Christmas..

You can also send a video thank you cards to your professors by recording your own personal video message, thanking them for their continuous support and making you to be what you are today.