From not so long ago, you recall that afternoon when you celebrated your baby girl’s first day at school. She had returned home from her classes feeling all relieved to have liked her new teachers, who were nothing like the monsters her brother had described they would be. She spoke tirelessly about all the new kids at school who shared their lunch with each other and how she loved talking to all of them.

graduation party

And she even made a lot of new friends – some of them reminded her of her friends from playschool. It came as a big relief to you as you watched her describe her day with all that spark and joy in her eyes, draining out your own worries as to how well she would fit in to this new phase of her life. But there she was, all excited to go back to school tomorrow, already instructing you to keep her favorite clothes ready.

Today, as she graduates from school, you can’t help but think about all those highs and lows she has seen as a school student. Those days when she would bring home all her friends and practice tirelessly for their cheer leading gigs. And the days when she would bury herself in her books right before all those exams. From getting her first admit to having her first heartbreak, school had taught her a lot of important lessons she was going to have to remember for the rest of her life.

As she graduates, her graduation party must be grand such that it walks her down the memory lane of all those formative years. She must have all her friends – old and new, join in on the big celebrations of her graduation and so. Inviter is set to make your life easier with our virtual graduation party invitations.

Graduation party online invitations

We help you create some excellent online invitations with warm images and fun videos of your son and daughter. It is easy to invite all family and friends to help them celebrate big with online invitations. In this digital age, you must ditch those traditional print invites that you would then have to mail across of deliver personally. But it standing a risk of missing out on people or losing the invites in mail. Our invite templates help you quickly draft your invitations with absolute personalization.

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You can even share these virtual invites on different platforms such as mails, WhatsApp, texts and other social media. Using this we can collect RSVPs from your invitees. So that it helps you sort out the big task of maintaining a proper headcount. Sharing the invites on multiple platforms will ensure that no one misses out on the event. Also it creates the much required enthusiasm to attend the celebrations. Trust Inviter to simplify your organizational work for the big Graduation party. It helps you enjoy this moment with all your friends and family.