‘Ting Tong’- the clock struck 12’ and it is a holiday! But a very special one. It is the Memorial Day. This special day celebrated to remember and honor those soldiers who died while serving our country. On one hand you will feel proud and happy about the brave soldiers who died for the country and on the other hand your heart will weep in their memory while recalling their sacrifices.


Such a special day should be celebrated in a very exceptional way indeed. Let’s help you plan out something different and honor the soldiers with these unique Memorial Day party ideas.

Arrange a theme party for all

Once you are done with selecting the venue, lending it with a patriotic yet joyful ambiance is the basic requirement. Well, you don’t need to think very hard or to spend lots of bucks for that. Just arrange a theme party with blue, red and white flags. By decorating the room with miniature flags you can instantly give it a different look and feel. Place the flags all around and your theme party venue will be ready!

Organize colorful children’s parades

Parades and army are two conjoined terms. So, won’t it be great to arrange a parade in the venue but with a slight twist? Instead of a formal army parade, you can pop up your party with a cute parade of kid’s dressed in colorful army attires. Such Memorial Day parades will make all to relive the old memories of those who are gone and pay their homage to the brave countrymen.

Decide on a patriotic dress theme

‘Go as you like’ is always a fun game for all regardless of the age-factor. You can make your party fun-filled by requesting the guests to come dressed up as the patriot who they are mostly inspired by. With all the guests in the venue dressed like patriots and soldiers, you will get the real feel of being a soldier or a nationalist. It will heighten the attraction of the party manifolds.

Send Memorial Day video invitation to the guests

If you want to do something really unique and compelling for your guests, you can send video invitations using Inviter. Don’t worry, it is as easy as a cakewalk. All you need to do is to record a touching 2 minutes video telling your guests the significance of this federal holiday of US and how they can pay tribute to the soldiers by attending the party. Then just edit it using themes or music and send it to the esteemed guests in a jiffy.

Memories are the key aspects of any kind of memorial party. So, why not recreate the glory, charm and bravery of those brave soldiers in your party and make it another memorable event for all? You can do this with these creative ideas which will not only instigate the hidden patriot within your guests but will also help you to pay an emotional yet happy tribute to the deceased ones who deserve a Salute!