We’re inching toward the end of May, which means Memorial Day is right around the corner. It’s the unofficial start of summer, but the barbecuing, pool parties and fun outdoor activities are all we need to kick off the hottest season of the year.


With all the fun festivities going on, we know you’ll want to capture the memories in action. Here are a few ideas for how sending a video greeting through Inviter can help you do just that.

Video Invitations

It is a party, right? Whether you’re a summer gathering guru or a first-time host, every phenomenal Memorial Day shindig starts with an invitation. Add a special touch to yours by sending a video invitation to your family and friends. It can be as animated as piecing together photos from old Memorial Day cookouts (or cookouts in general), or as simple as a point-and-shoot video of yourself spilling the details of your gathering. The creativity level is up to you, but with a video invitation, your guests are sure to be impressed either way.


Memorial Day Tribute

Will all the food, fun and family plans, it’s easy to forget the true reason for the holiday. Many American families have lost loved ones in battle, so it’s only appropriate to create a tribute video to play for your guests at your gathering. It’s a great way to remind everyone of the ultimate sacrifice many have made for our freedom and for this country, which is why this day is celebrated in the first place.

Video Greetings

If your family is anything like mine, someone is always dancing at these types of functions. From the little children to the seniors, if the music is good, someone’s busting a move. Memories like this make for perfect blackmail, er, video greetings for family who live out of state and still want to share in the joy. You can also string these together to send as a thank you to all those who attended your function.

How many ways can you think of to use Inviter to spice up your Memorial Day? Upload your videos and count the ways…