Inviter wants to make sure dad’s get some marketing love too. Mom’s get a lot. We promote Mother’s Day. We shower her with love and adoration on all fronts. Now as a mom, I’m not complaining. At the same time, I think companies should show dad some love too. Inviter wants to help you do that with a unique way of approaching marketing.

Video newsletters are different. They have high conversion rates. From my personal marketing experience, conversions are double with Inviter than traditional email newsletters. Video is also pretty popular with consumers right now. Creating a video newsletter targeting dads and gifts for dad can help you boost last minute Father’s Day gift buying.

Join me on June 9th and get some one-on-one tips. I will be live YouTube and also on Persicope. Follow me on Persicope (@andreeac_t) now so you can watch the replay upto 24 hours after I air live. Make sure to register for #CelebrateDad to get the link.

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