“At last! We are married”.

The bride and groom stood at the altar and gazed around. They whispered to themselves. Surrounded by friends and family they united into one.  A week later as they were browsing through their social networking sites all they could spot were groupfies. Family and friends who were present at their wedding had shared their heartfelt congratulations via internet. The couple felt blessed.


“What are we going to do in return for all the love?” asked the lady leaning onto her husband. The husband cameup with a thank you video. But the guest list is huge and they wanted it to be more of personalized and touching. Searching on google, they found Inviter being able to offer all that they are looking to send a video greeting.

Inviter Thank You Greetings: Why They Worth?

A wedding is incomplete without family and friends. A special way to appreciate their concern is to say a heartfelt thanks to them. Yes, through a Thank you note! But how to reach all, especially who are far? Here Inviter comes to the rescue. This online portal helps one to make a personal Thank You video that is dispatched digitally to all the guests who attended their wedding. One can record or create their home video using mobile phones and upload the same via Inviter to their guests. Inviter wedding invitations are very popular for their personal touch. Using the same guest list, one can quickly make a thank you video and share it in one mouse click.

Special Features of Inviter Thank You Video Greetings

  • Inviter is easy to learn and use. One can upload a video greeting in three simple steps.
  • The Inviter Thank You greeting note will reach all those guests who accepted your invitation.
  • Inviter comes with a 14-day free trial package.
  • Guests have an option to reply to the video greeting with their valuable comments and wishes.

In other words, Inviter replaces a traditional wedding planner. Right from creating unique wedding invitations, managing guest lists till sending Thank You notes, Inviter is a perfect media partner.

As the couple summarized their Thank You note, no wonder their eyes grew moist with tears of gratitude and gratefulness.