A birthday is a special day in every aspect as this is the day to review the past one year. Such an analysis can help you to make decisions for the coming year and some people also make resolutions on birthdays.


This is the reason that it is a custom to celebrate birthdays and thank all our loved ones including god for the good things that they have given us. This is the reason that most people celebrate birthdays with their relatives and friends.

The most important thing when celebrating a birthday is the invitation that you will send to your guests. This is important because with this you can inform them about the date and venue of the birthday party and also include an RSVP which will help you know how many guests will attend. A birthday party invitation also conveys information about the theme of the party and other details. Earlier these invitations were made out of paper and usually sent by post to the recipients. With advancement in technology the paper invitations were replaced with email invitations. However, technology has advanced even further and now it is possible to send video birthday party invitations and greetings.

Birthday Party Video Invites

The best part of the video invitations is that they are completely customizable. At the same time, making the video itself is not a problem as most mobile phones have cameras. When making these videos you can give free reign to your creativity and include other characters, props, music and so forth. With this innovation you can create some really unique invitations which will do more than simply inform the recipients about the time and venue of the birthday party.

They will convey your appreciation because you took out the time and effort to create these video invitations. You can also add some events from your past year in the video and include your guests in the retrospection and celebration of this year. Needless to say the guests will be touched by the heart felt thoughts that you portray in your video.

Birthday Video Greetings

When we are discussing birthdays, we also need to discuss birthday greetings. Suppose you have received a fantastic video birthday invitation, it is required that you answer in a like manner. If in return of a creative video message you send a simple email it will not do the trick. This is the reason that video birthday greetings have become quite popular.

It does not matter whether you are attending the party or not, but sending a unique and creative greeting will surely make the recipient feel that you have paid attention to his or her invitation message. At the same time, this is also a chance to express your feelings about that person. You can convey your good wishes for the coming year in an innovative manner and thrill the recipient.

What’s more, nowadays it is very simple and cost effective to send these video birthday invitations and greetings. There are a few websites which provide this service and all you have to do is upload the video, provide the email addresses and send it across. The costs for this service are also quite reasonable and it is possible to send online birthday video invitations and video greetings to about 200 people at a time which saves a lot of time and effort.