Wedding, is one of the big days for the couple and while the bride goes extremely high on spirit and life the groom don’t need to step back after all it is his wedding too, isn’t? Yes, you might be nervous and anxious but come on you got to have your share of enjoyment too.  So here we have prepared 5 tips for grooms to follow and keep calm as the wedding day comes closer!


Have an opinion:

Even if your bride-to-be is the one who is taking the charge of wedding planning make sure that you have your opinion too. Take responsibilities and ensure that you take care of it. You can divide your responsibilities such as food can be taken by you and perhaps your bride can handle some other area. Having an opinion is vital after all it is your big day too.

Team it up:

Knowing your person before marriage can be an add-on for you to plan surprises accordingly. In case you are having an arranged marriage then seek advice and help from your relatives or friends. Ask about the likes and dislikes of your bride to her parents and plan the arrangements with them. Always remember, teamwork bears great fruits and this will also keep you on the safer side.

Keep calm:

We understand the humongous amount of anxiety this wedding planning brings upon to us but everything is going to work out just relax! You need to keep calm and make everyone stay calm as well. Some of the tasks like sending invites can be done through free online video invitations to make your work easier and much more creative.

Stay fit:

Of what use is that grand wedding if you don’t fit properly in that exclusive sherwani!  Prior to your wedding, plan in for some fitness goals, we don’t stress to get six pack abs but a basic fitness is important.  Avoid too much of drinking or smoking. The fitter you are, the happier you shall feel.

Pamper yourself:

Being a groom to be, splurging a bit on yourself is absolutely fine. Opt for some spas and go in for skin treatments if needed. The more you take care of yourself, the more rejuvenated you shall be. So sit back and let massage therapy heal you.

Be Technological:

To avoid last minute chaos and disorder, as far as possible maintain a to-do list on you phone. Similarly, you can also manage your budget and send in invites to your loved ones through free online video invitations. To ensure a smooth wedding, use productive apps available to help you stay organized.

To sum it up, feeling stressed and nervous is common but by following our hacks, we can certainly minimize on your worries and help you to be your best on your wedding day.

If you feel we have missed out on some hacks then do let us know through your  comments.