Wedding is seriously a big and important affair and that is especially the case if the wedding in punjabi.

Punjabi weddings are really the big fat Indian weddings with a lot of food, lights, crackers, music and booze. As they say, if you ever wish to enjoy a wedding, Punjabi wedding is where you need to go.

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In case you are getting married in Punjabi style or even if you are soon to attend a Punjabi wedding then here are some points to consider.

Here are some kickass tips from our side as to how to rock a Punjabi wedding –

1. Prepare your dress well in advance:

In order to avoid the last minute issues it would be great if you prepare your dress months in advance. It gives you enough time to decide your look.

2. Prepare the dance:

As stated before, Punjabi weddings are always dazzling. You would be asked to dance at the drop of your hat. Prepare some dance moves well in advance obviously if you wish to slay everyone on the dance floor.

3. Stick to one cuisine:

In order to avoid wastage of food we suggest you to stick to just one food cuisine. It could be Indian or Italian or anything else. Just refrain from wasting too much of food.

4. Video invitations:

Online video invitations are so much in trend. But as a matter of fact they are easy to make too. When you choose video invitations you are actually saving yourself from the hustle of visiting each and everyone’s place and wasting time. Trust us, it is super easy.

video invitations

With all that you got to do is, just browse through the website and pick the template you like. Once that is done, you can send the pictures and your video will be ready in another ten minutes.

5. Shop well in advance:

To avoid last minutes issues you should be shopping well in advance. Remember, when it comes to Punjabi wedding remember there are so many occasions and you have to dress up your best.

Whenever you get a chance to visit a Punjabi wedding do not miss it. They are really fun and trust us! You won’t regret being there. These few tips would help you slay at the wedding anytime.

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