Often weddings in India somehow mark your standing or position among your loved ones. It may sound weird but people judge weddings, expecting everything to be grand. Besides it’s once in lifetime memory that marks the beginning of new era in your life. Perhaps that’s the reason why people always try to come up with new quirky elements to make their weddings grand and memorable.

personalized wedding invitations
Wedding Invitation

Well, if you are stuck with the issue of creative block! Then here’s a creative idea of personalized wedding invitations for you. Being extremely simple to design, you can easily create your personalized wedding invitations.

Personalized wedding invitations

Personalized wedding invites provide you with a facility whereby you can write in your guest’s name along with a small personalized message on it, inviting them to wedding functions. The twist of personal touch brings in feeling of warmth and affection, making your guests feel special and valued. Often in the hassle of physically visiting everyone’s place for inviting them. Sometimes you might miss on some of the people. However, with the help of personalized wedding invites within few clicks, you can go through your guest list and your wedding invites are sent.

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In case you are wondering how to create one, then our site is the one-stop solution for your invitations issue! A combination of simplicity and creativity, our site provides you with free online invitations that you can customize the way you want them to.

How to use free online wedding invitations?

For using our free online invites you need not be a professional or know any software like Photoshop or Corel draw. The site offers an easy operation whereby at few clicks your quirky invites are ready. So now that you are aware of our free online invites, let’s get started with creating process.

To start with open our official site, enter in details of wedding functions. In case you want a photo of wedding couple then you can upload one, customize the mail, add in guest list and then click on send. It’s that simple, you can create your invitations within 10 minutes.

As a part of additional benefits, if you are not a creative person then our free online invitations come in with few templates as options for various functions. You can easily select any one of those and frame your invite.

Why choose free online invitations for personalized wedding invitations?

If you are still skeptical whether these invites will really be as impact as traditional invites! Then its time you try it for yourself. Besides, you can also opt for our new feature of online video invites. Whereby you can shoot a small video of couple inviting their near and dear ones.

Thus, the features of online invitations certainly make our site the best option to execute your idea of personalized wedding invitations. So what are you waiting for? Don’t believe us then login to our official site and have a look for yourself!