Weddings arrangements always require meticulous planning. Since it is your big day, it has to be prim and properly organised. Most of us successfully arrange everything as a team and the couple’s big day turns out to be exactly how it has been planned out.

Wedding to - do list

However, sometimes in the ruckus of all the planning we tend to forget some of the significant things.

In order to ensure that you don’t miss out on these vital point, we have prepared a wedding to-do list. Read on!

1. Budget – First and foremost thing before planning anything at all, plan your budget. See the total cost and try to reduce if you can. It is always better to keep aside some amount extra in comparison to your budget amount however try to balance the cost and reduce wherever you can. Without planning your budget, no wedding preparation can begin. Expenses like invitation cards can be bought down by choosing free online invitation methods that are far more persoanlised and creative.

2. Location – As far as possible settle for  a location that’s feasible from all the aspects like transport, parking facilities, security and many more.  Whether you fix up a lawn, register a hall or plan a destination wedding it is always advisable to check the location prior your big day. In order to avoid last moment emergencies and disorder, always make it a point to check on your lawn, hall, or destination.

3. Re-checking invitations – After making a guest list and sending out the invites, we advice you to recheck if they have reached or not. In case you have personally given the invites cross check it with your guest list so that no near dear ones turns out to uninvited in your guest list. Besides re-checking shall surely help in to economize on your budget. In order to avoid inconvenience and chaos better opt for free online invitation that are available.

4. Wedding dress– Being a D-day all your clothes for various functions need to be placed in a proper order and checked for their fittings. Similarly, ensure that all the accesories that you need, are kept handy. Avoid last minute changes in your wedding dress or accessories as that would only add to more chaos and stress. Thus, make it a point to wear all your dresses beforehand and make in any changes if needed.

5. Bodycare – Yeah! you read it right. Being the wedding day, you need to be in a perfect shape to look gorgeous in those bridal lehengas. Plan in advance for all your beauty treatments as well as fitness goals, so that you don’t regret it out on your wedding day. If possible avoid any new beauty treatment two-three weeks prior to your wedding day.

Although there are many tiny-winy things that your wedding to – do list is going to be filled with but we have tried our best to bring out the 5 most prominent things that surely needs to be given a high priority. After all, its your wedding which needs to be nothing else than being perfect.