Celebrations need no reason, isn’t it? When you are about to begin a family it has to be celebrated too! Baby shower events are celebrated popularly as the time of welcoming another family member. It is the time when you spread happiness about the fact that your family is going to begin so soon.


This cute occasion is one of the best moments of life for the to be father and mother, hence we present some of the best baby shower ideas that you can use or suggest to someone.

Floral decoration:

Nothing beats the floral decoration. Choose bright colored flowers such as pink, purple, red, yellow or orange. Try to keep these flowers in the most simplistic yet organised and artistic way. Floral decoration on the occasion would symbolize a happy blooming beginning of your family.

Online video invitations:

Consider being a little more creative than you already are. Ditch the old style baby shower invitations and opt for the online video invitations. This is a more personalized way of inviting your guests in the form of a video that narrates your story. This creative indulgence would definitely make your guests turn up for the occasion.

Theming it:

You can choose a color as a theme or an element such as flowers. Usually, women were invited to baby shower events hence to pep the even a little more keep a theme and decorate the party accordingly. You can ask your guests to wear the dress according to the theme. Generally, Baby shower is hosted by mothers however even any of the relative can voluntarily host the occasion.

Create some memories:

You can always create some awesome memories for your baby by this simple baby  shower idea. You can paint a wall with cartoons and ask your near and dear ones to scribble some messages for your baby. In case it is difficult for your guests to make it to function then they can send in their wishes through online videos. These messages can serve as  a souvenir for your baby and can really be a fun activity for your guests too.


Don’t opt for the traditional menu, instead bake up some pretty baby cookies and colorful cup cakes. While most people ignore food, Baby shower event can be made more quirky and interesting by adding a twist of smiling cookies, lollipops and bunch of yummy cup cakes. You can also distribute the sugary candies and some colorful toffees for your friends. As far as possible, opt in for some light snacks or finger foods rather than heavy ones.

Having said that, the key to a successful function is to plan in advance and try to be as organized as possible. Don’t overdo with things, keep it simple and subtle. Do write to us about your views on these ideas or share in your baby shower experiences with us.

We hope our ideas will come in handy, to create a memorable baby shower for the mother to be.