Gone is the era where just a simple cake and light snacks would complete your little one’s first birthday, it’s the time whereby people actually look in for quirky ideas to make it special for their toddler.

So in case if you are still wondering what special can be done to make a memorable birthday, don’t worry! Here we are with 5 quirky ideas that are sure to make your little one’s first birthday and hot happening. Read on!

Birthday video invitations
Birthday Baby On her First Birthday

Theme Parties:

Kids just love theme parties! Apart from being easy to plan, you can always add in loads of variations to your themes. As far as possible stick to children friendly decorations, don’t opt in for heavy decorations and do not forget to have some play area reserved for kids whereby they can play and have fun.

Selfie Studio:

If possible you can go in for a selfie studio whereby loads of memories can be captured for your toddler. Being the trend, instead of your guests clicking in a selfie, through selfie studio you make it easier for everyone to have their share of memories with your kid. This turns out to be an enjoyable experience even for your guests and the kids.

Fancy Food:

Instead of going for traditional snacks, opt in for candies and chocolates that are colorful and customized after all who doesn’t like candies? A serving of cartoon cookies or smiley smoothies can also bring in loads of fun for kids. You can also add in colorful fresh fruit juices for kids as that would even prove in as a healthy option instead of soft drinks.

Magic Show:

Kids love magic shows especially one where the magician is all dressed and creates the drama. If you can arrange a magician who can trick the children to believe in his magic then go on. This Magic show , would not only keep your child engaged but also the children of other age. It is a good way to add entertainment to your party.

Online invitations and videos:

Send out free online video invitations instead of those overtly used card invites. We belong to the tech savvy generation and hence why not make your child’s first birthday a memorable one for your child as well as the guests? Make a personalized video and send out the free online invitations that are going to be adored by everyone at your place.

Games to engage:

In order to keep your kid audience engaged try coming up with various games with items like balloons, balls, straws and so on. You can surf the internet we are pretty sure that you would end up finding many. So try them out and make it a fun-filled party for everyone.

You can definitely come up with even more interesting ideas to pump up your baby’s very first birthday. After all, it is the day worth cherishing. Do let us know what your idea was on your child’s first birthday!