Everyone wants their wedding to be special and memorable, something unique, yet romantic. That is why the destination wedding is the best alternative for a couple who seek adventure and dreamy getaway. There are hundreds of places around the world where a wedding could look magnificent and beautiful. These are the 10-wedding destinations you should think about.


South Africa:

It’s a place with spectacular screens and atmosphere. It’s a dream wedding destination for those who love the touch of nature, because this country has an alluring coastline, thick forest, and tall mountain! You can choose any venue you desire. Desert, beach, vineyard, forest or city wedding.

Rome, Italy:

When we hear the name Italy, its synonym of love. It has one of the best historic site and building which can be an amazing backdrop for the wedding. Artistic churches to ancient ruins and great wine, it’s a wonderful combination for the wedding.


It has everything you ever dreamed about. Centuries old castle, hills, seaside and all the breathtaking greenery wherever eyes reach. It’s a fairy tale wedding indeed, if you opt for this location. Not only you can get the backdrop of old fort and castle, but you can get married like royals.

The Bahamas:

Beach wedding is one of the best ways to get married. Sea is in the backdrop and sand beneath the feet makes us more alive. You can even rent an island at the Bahamas where more than 700 islands. The Bahamas has one of the best Caribbean beaches and hospitality to spend.


For decades, this place is a magnet for honeymooners and wedding seekers. It has a snowy mountaintop to the volcano to beaches and every single one of the natural wonder to choose the background for your big day. It’s easily accessible and has many options for planning a wedding.


One place on earth where everyone loves to adopt the locality. Mexico is always one of the best destinations for your big day. It has mountains, jungles and thousands of miles of coast which one side has Pacific Ocean and another side Atlantic Ocean.

New York City:

There are many places in the united state to get married but there is nothing like New York City. It has diversity, skyscraper and any backdrop you want. It’s a city that never sleeps. Wedding in New York City is one of the best alternatives for city folks who love great photography and hospitality.


We have seen the place in movies and music video but we never know that something can be so historically significant and yet so beautiful. The backdrop of your big day can be amazing historical building and ruins as it is as old as Rome.


Spain can remind us the Spartan but it’s known for the amazing bounty of the beauty. Old castles and vintage home can go way back centuries and but it will always compelling to marry with the castle in the background or amazing coastline and mountain life.


Clear Ocean, sands, and atmosphere which is alluring as well as breathtaking. It can be the spot where you can wed even underwater or in the backdrop of World War 2 ships and plans.