Wedding bells ring and you decide to get a destination wedding. Look no further because India has one of the most versatile places and choices. From luxurious fort to calm beaches and beautiful river banks to serene desert, you will remember your wedding day forever with one of the 7 best wedding destinations in India.

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Best wedding destinations in India


Who doesn’t want to get married in absolute royalty? Udaipur is the best place to get a royal and lavish wedding in the backdrop of the some of the best fort and palace. It has charm of extravagant feel like nothing else.


This city is also known as a backwater of Kerala. This is the place for a couple who prefer serene, calm and quiet but the most unforgettable wedding of the lifetime. The rivers and the beach is the best place and it has a certain sense of godly in it. Kerala is one of the hottest wedding destinations today.


Getting married on the backdrop of the world-famous beach, with the sound of tides trashing onto to the shore and the cool breeze blowing around the sea, set the perfect mood for the wedding. Bluewater and clear sky are welcoming, and the atmosphere is already romantic enough to fall in love all over again. Go ahead and pick Goa as your destination. You could cherish the best moment of your life with a stunning view.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

The furthermost part of India makes a more desirable place to be. Away from all the traffic and pollution or rather any trace of city life, this place offers so much diversity in one place. White sand and greenest forest and the perfect hospitality of locals will make your day.


The city of Nizam, it has more than enough to offer. One of the best palaces in the country and some of them turn into hotels. So now you can hold your wedding as old “Nawabi” style.


Who doesn’t want to get married near one of the biggest and holiest rivers in India? It’s not just river but the heavenly atmosphere which makes it more special than ever for the couple. It’s something out of the world feeling to get married at the place which is more than thousands year old and one of the oldest city in the world.


Whether you love forest or the beach, or the mountaintop or the plains, Gujarat has everything to offer that makes it amazing for destination wedding. They have longest sea shore and white desert which could be the wedding of the life because of its picture-perfect wedding moments. It has one of the finest palace hotels and hundreds of places to get married. They are not only historical but picturesque too.

Choosing the right destination is not that hard as it seems, you just need to find a single interest which you both love and get married there. India has more than enough place which can give an out of the world feeling and that is why foreigners are often preferring India to get done with their destination wedding.