Destination weddings are totally worth your time, endless preparations and the penny you invest into it. Not just that it appears intriguing for the bride and the groom but for the guests as well. Since a decade now it seems that destination weddings is becoming preference to the ready-to-wed couples. While there is a lot behind the scene that makes a destination wedding grander and successful, we thought of letting you know about some ready made hacks!

Destination wedding invitations
Destination wedding

Message board

You do not get time to talk to each and every guest and hence keeping a message board at the exit, near the buffet or somewhere in the corner of the lawn makes a lot sense. You can put a heading on the board such as – “Wish luck to the couple” and keep it blank for them to write. If not board then you can also replace the board with cards allowing them to put those messages in the letterbox.

Photo booth

Selfies are readily trending and one of the best ways of keeping your guests engaged and ensuring that they are having fun is putting up a photo booth. Opt for a theme that goes well with your destination wedding. For instance in case your wedding is on the beach then your photo booth could be that of a boat, beach costume and so on.

Online invitations

Ditch those generic wedding invites and opt out for some cool quirky invites with RSVP option rather than normal e-invites. Based on the french phrase, RSVP option allows guests to confirm whether they can make it to be a part of the ceremonies or no. From realistic point of view, knowing the number of people helps you to economize on your budget, besides it also forms for some creative and personalized invites.

Traditional wedding video invitation

Wedding props

Choose some unique wedding props such as bigger goggles, pom-poms, funny boards and so on. In case you have shortlisted on a theme wedding like that of Game of Thrones or harry potter theme then perhaps you can have some board props of their famous dialogues. Let your guests click pictures with it and take it home with them if they want. It will make your destination wedding even more memorable.

Welcome bags

Gone is the era where only a welcome drink or traditional rituals would be used to welcome guests.Show some love to your guests by welcoming them with customised welcome bags and some memorable gifts. We bet this hack is sure shot going to make they feel welcome and special.

Since it’s your ultimate D-day it needs to be planned perfectly and well before in advance. More importantly take it easy and relax, don’t stress yourself on your wedding preparations.

So we hope our hacks shall surely come in handy to make your D-day special and memorable. In case you have found your own creative DIY hacks then do let us know through comments!