Who doesn’t wait for birthdays? Am sure we all do. Sharing your happy moments with your loved one is a way to spread happiness and get together for happy moments. There are so many of us who love to party on the birthdays. When it comes to the party, invitations also come into the picture. SMS, text, email, and calls are a usual way but not so cool, that is why video invites are the best option for you.

Birthday Cake

In today’s world, we cannot use old strategies or medium to convey our message, it’s just taking much of time and boring. Video invites, on the other hand, are fun and easy to make. They can be effective to send a personal message to your friends and family. it’s easy to make and easy to send.

Most of the time we love to talk with our friends, but inviting each and everyone is a bit of hectic work. Why bother calling when you can put your own voice or even video in the invites and send to them. This way you are inviting them personally and also not being rude.

Birthday Invitation Video

To make an online birthday invite video is not that hard. You need to pick photos from your smartphone or camera. There are multiple templates available on the website just pick what suits you. There are hundreds of options in which you can make it cooler or for children, cuter. Then you can add date and time, RSVP, comments in which those who cannot attend can send wishes or ask and attach your address, which can be located on the map for easy direction.

Birthday Video Invitation

Then you can send it to everyone. Your invitation will be heard and seen by each and every one of your friends and now they can RSVP or wish you. With video invites you can turn it into a friendly conversation or how excited you are or how grateful you will be if they came.

One of the reasons behind its popularity is a personal touch, in the era of social networks and mobile phones, words and meaningless without emotion. We can send a birthday invitation to 100 friends at once in bulk but that is not the right way. The video invites you to give you the opportunity to finally come up with something unique and creative that no one can scroll away from your invite.

The best part of the video invitation is the fact that it is just a matter of two days! All you got to do is fix a template and our representative shall connect with you. In case we need extra pictures or videos we shall be informing you about it. 2 working days and your video would be done.

You can make it a theme party and add that kind of extra feature in your video with GIF, animation, pictures, and effects which actually make it more lively and entertaining. So if your birthday is coming soon, how are you going to invite your friends this time?