“The handsome prince kissed the princess and they lived happily ever after”.- most of the fairy tales end this way. How many of you have dreamt of such perfect love tale right from the day when your dad read these bedtime stories?


How many of you loved the concept of mirror castle and glass slipper? How many wished to meet their prince charming on every Valentine’s Day? With best wishes from everyone near and dear, when you decide to tie the knot with such a chosen prince of yours, won’t you wish the day to be grand and elaborate? Destination themed weddings are a perfect choice for your dreams as they give you and your family the needed enjoyment, happiness and adventure which you would have never experienced before. The concept of become one under the vast skies and close ones in a new land is enough to fill your hearts with joy of a lifetime.

Indulge into themed wedding video invitation

So, you are looking for a beach wedding, a classic Gothic wedding or a tribal wedding? Be it any theme or any location, your destination must be picked at least six months ahead. This is to conveniently design the wedding invite and send to all the near and dear ones. But when the wedding is dream-like then the invitation should also be something very unique, special, fun-filled and close to heart! Hence, rather than printing the venue detail in a card, you can go for Inviter video invitations. Inviter is an online free video invitations platform through which you shall send a wedding video invitation across numerous people in just one click. It supports features like RSVP and dashboard for personal messaging as well.

Inviter making your destination wedding more special

All you have to do is to capture your destination in its bright hues, if possible include the theme and costume preferences as well and depict it beautifully in the video. You as well as your beau can address the recipients personally with your message. You can unfold and unleash your heart and speak about how you had dreamt for this event since your childhood days. This makes it more personal and heart-warming as well. To record the videos you can use either a camcorder or a video recorder or just your mobile phone because Inviter videos are not about high-definition or great quality, it is about linking hearts from one end of the world to another with the help of world wide web.

Embrace Inviter and reach out to all your dear ones with the message of your fairy-tale wedding. Every wedding is incomplete without family and friends, and destination wedding is no exception. Inviter video invitations bring them closer making your themed wedding a lifetime cherishable event for you and all!