The wedding is surely an important event of your life. There are numerous ways to make it fun-filled and less tedious. For most of us, wedding is a once in a lifetime affair and that is why we hope to make it the best one. Some pick destination weddings, while others opt for a thematic photoshoot – the ideas are seamless.


In case you are wondering what, you can do to make it look extravagantly quirky – well, then here are some not-so-common ideas that you would love to hear.

1. Theme it:

You must be aware of thematic decoration, but how about a dress code? You can actually ask your guests (at least close friends and families) to stick to a color. This will give a completely quirky effect on the wedding.

2. Rickshaw:

Photo Booths are pretty much common these days but, renting a rickshaw isn’t. Hire a rickshaw and decorate it exactly how trucks are decorated. Click pictures around it. You can even make your guests click pictures around the quirky rickshaw. In case, you couldn’t find a rickshaw, you can pick a jeep, cart – basically anything that is quirky.

3. Wedding shoots:

They are trendy, fun and lovely! Getting a photoshoot done would be one of the best string memories you would cherish. So, what if the photographer is charging you a bomb? Well, those pictures are going to be worth ever small, medium, large memory.

4. Video invitations:

Are you still going to opt for traditional wedding invitations? Well, think again! Presently, video invitations are in trend. They are hassle free, personalized, customized and most importantly eco-friendly. You don’t have to worry. Just visit the website and choose the template you liked. The team shall connect with you and ask for photographs or videos to put in the invitation. Once that is done, it would take the team just 2 days to deliver your personalized video invite.

wedding invite

5. Pet-friendly wedding:

A lot of people do not prefer pets at their wedding, but do you think you can break this chain? Well, you can. You can simply ask your guests to bring along their pets in case they have. Your four-legged friends need to witness your wedding too. A couple of extra arrangement might be required; however, it will be one amazing wedding.

6. Beach weddings:

Halls and lawns are common but, how about wedding in the middle of sand; surrounded by gigantic wave and a comfortable atmosphere? Beach weddings are amazing. In case, you are at all planning a destination wedding then beach weddings are the one for you.

We hope these ideas are going to help you out to making your wedding quirky. In case we have missed out on another equivalently quirky idea – then do let us know in the comment section below. We are more than happy to hear back.