Weddings are meant to be something memorable. Once in a lifetime, opportunity shows your love and affection toward your significant other. It’s also an event which needs to be planned. If we think about work we need to do then it would take a lifetime but breaking it down into parts will make it more enjoyable and easy, so here is 7 steps guidance to plan your big day.



Today’s couples want their big day to be something different, they plan much ahead. They have a preference in season too. Is it summer wedding or autumn or is it a monsoon wedding? Every single one has its own perks and cons, is it up to them, so the first step toward the wedding is wedding date itself.


One of the most important things after the couple itself. Nowadays we have a new craze for a destination wedding, beach, mountaintop wedding. Some people just want to get married in a familiar place where they feel more comfortable and close to home. Choose the venue and move ahead with it.


You want your big day to be grand and mesmerizing, like those Disney fairytales, but as we come closer to the reality, weddings are expensive. Venues, dining, decoration, gifts and so much more we need to plan for. So, it’s better to sit down and come up with a number that suits your style and desire.

Guest list:

Don’t forget to send an invite as soon as you come up with a date. To share your happiest moment with friends and family is something we all dreamed off. Make a guest list and send online invitations, so you could have an actual count of how many people are attending.

Wedding supplier:

Once you decide the venue, it’s preferable to get all the right supplier for the wedding. Booking your florist, photographer, Caterer early could get you discount too. Plan ahead so that you can enjoy your wedding at the fullest without getting worried about the accommodation. Most venues suggest their own wedding supplier which can also be a good choice.

Suits and dresses:

For the groom, select the best suit or tuxedo which suits you, it would be as simple as getting soda from the supermarket, but not with bride, as she would take forever to choose her favourite dress, make sure you have plenty of time on your hand before you go dress hunting.

Plan your honeymoon:

How could you miss the best getaway plan with your newly wedded partner. It’s sort of tradition nowadays to went on the honeymoon right after the wedding. You need to book a ticket for that months ago in advance.