When you want to have a naming ceremony, you want it to be perfect. After all, it’s a special day for the child and their parents too. They are officially introducing their child to their family and friends. Now that little baby has a name and you want everyone to know it. So how would you sent invite for it, by making a video invitation, here are the few tips for you to look at –

naming ceremony

Tips to create the best naming ceremony video invitation:

Video invite is the best way to convey the message with the same feeling and excitement you have for the naming ceremony. It will show your guest how important it is for you.

It also sends a message to your friends and family that how important it is if they join this moment. It’s one of the best moments of your life and your child’s first introduction to your family and friend.

How to create a video invitation?

Video invitation must have your baby’s picture in it, it looks cute and people just can’t ignore it. It will just make them more eager to meet the baby in person.

You should add the gender of the baby in the invite, like price or princess or etc. that way your guest knows what they can bring as a gift.

Make sure to have a theme that is related to the baby’s name and make sure to mention it in the video invite.

You can create a beautiful animation in the invite video, you can add the jungle theme or with any cute animal. It’s fun to make and fun to watch too.

You can add your personalized video in it, your baby playing or smiling, or it could be the parents, inviting their guests to the ceremony. Telling them how important it is if they join and how much it means to you.

In video invite, parents can put a nice melody, maybe a lullaby. To make it more beautiful and connected.

Parents can create a nice photo collage of their child, from the first moment to the naming day and put it on the invite. It will create a beautiful memory for the child when they grow up and watch it.

The naming ceremony is just for friends and family, just the close one, it’s a way of telling that they are also responsible for the child’s upbringing. Parents should mention it in the video to invite that how the baby’s aunt or uncle should be there.

You can make interesting video invitations with just a few clicks. Confused? Well, we can help you get this done. All you got to do is, pick your template from our website. We will contact you as soon as we can, and your video will be done just in two working days. Video invitations are not just a simple way to tell people about the ceremony but it’s a way to share your happiness and excitement and there is no other way to do it rather than a video invites.