Are you planning a party or it’s your baby boys first birthday or any other reason to invite people, how would you invite? Make a cool picture invitation, but you must have seen somewhere a video invites. It was cooler though, but you have no idea about video invitation. Well it’s easy but you need some idea to put into it. Here is something you can try.

video invitation maker

If it’s a birthday party than the birthday boy or girl can make a video of themselves and ask people to join in the party.

Video invitation for office party:

In a formal office, the party could become fun when you invite your office mate with a fun video invites. You can tell them what it about and how fun it would be.

Video invitation for wedding:

Wedding video invitation is the best way to show the love and share the happy moment, make a cool animation and sent out the invitation to everyone. It will not only put a smile on their face, but they will get eager to join you too.

Video invitation for birthday party:

For a birthday party of your little one, make a cute video of your toddler, smiling, falling and learning to say names. Make your friends and family saying “aww” every time they watch the invite.

For a killer college party, sent a video invitation with cool audio video of party music. Make it more interactive with buttons which says who is bringing what.

Video invite is not just limited to weddings and birthday. If your company just make a great deal and invite all the employees, now they can send a video invite and explain what they accomplished and what is next to come.

Video invites are just open up the doors for creativity and now no one likes the old paper invitation or picture one. A video invite is cool and something new, which make people get a clear idea how much fun are they going to get in the party.

You can add the animation and audio and video in the invite. Now you can invite people with style. Add your favorite music and your favorite picture and speak directly to your friends.

To express the true emotion of love through a heartwarming message, there is no other way your message could reach to the heart of your invite receiver. Video invite gives the opportunity to show the real emotion with video.

Do you think, it will take a lot of hassle if you decide to send video invites? Well, not anymore! we are here to sort it out. Just few simple steps are needed. Pick a template of your choice and we will connect with you for picture requirements. Once that is done, it will just take us 2 working days and your video is ready.

Technology is rapidly changing, and it keeps making us further apart. Sometimes the party is just another reason to meet your buddies and besties. Say it out loud with a video invitation and you will seal the deal with their presence.