From the day you get an answer to your proposal, it’s like living the dream. The day your partner said yes and became the partner for life, you start planning the wedding. Where and how is the most difficult question but we often forget about making an invitation? The traditional way of sending wedding invitation is so outdated that new couple ditches them and adapt the technology. Sending the video invitations is the best way to share your best day. Here are the creative tips on how you can make it better.

video invitations

Video Invitations

Video invitations are one of the best creative ways to send an invitation. You have creative freedom and you don’t need to stick with the old invite, now you can create your own trend.

The bride and groom to be can share their special moment on the video invite, a little video montage to make it more unique.

Couples are always excited about their wedding destination and they are always trying to get married at a beautiful place and this is their time to flaunt the place by hinting with pictures of that place. So their guest knows where the wedding will be is.

A personal message from bride and groom to their friends and family. They say a picture is worth a thousand word, but a video is worth a million word. They can share their happiness and joy with their close one by asking them to attend the wedding.

Nowadays they can add interactive design, such as animation. The style can be anything which is preferred by the couple. Is it knight in the shining armor and the princess or its hands solo and Princess Leia on Star Wars background. The sky is the limit.

It could be a little slideshow with the pictures of the couple and their cheerful moments in it. It could be lovely to finally your family to see both bride and groom together.

One of the most amazing things a video invitation does it put the couple directly in front of their friends and family. Its look like a personalized invitation rather than reading the invitation it’s much more lovely and intimate.

No one wants to mess up with their Wedding invitation, but no matter how much they tried, someone might miss the invitation and also the wedding, with the video invitation. Now your family and friends can be watching and respond it a matter of days rather than weeks.

The wedding is not just union of two people, its family gets together, and share the happiest moment of their life. Take a vow to be together in front of their family and an invitation play an essential part of it. In case you wonder how to get the video made, well we are here to help. Choose the template from our website and we will get back to you. Your video will be ready in just 2 working days!